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  P.O. Box 22002, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87502
  Phone/Fax: (505) 982-9950  Cell: (505) 470-9740


Welcome to my website which summarizes my work and other activities over the last 35 years.  Born in New York
City in 1951, I was raised in Rye, an affluent, conservative
NY suburb where I was privileged to receive a good
education and opportunities to participate in many
wonderful recreational and cultural activities.  Both my
parents were avid sailors and I was fortunate to spend a
lot of my summers on the water, often living on larger
sailboats and exploring the New England coast.  These
experiences inspired in me a great love for nature and
adventure.  My long family heritage of public leadership
dating back to the early days of this country and my
participation in various community service activities
through high school instilled a sense of civic responsibility. 
  Subsequent to graduating from college, I went
  on to
live in New York City, San Francisco,
   Munich, Aspen, San Diego and finally Santa Fe
   where I have been since 1988.  I've been the
   primary single parent of Sarah and Jonathan,
   twins who graduated from college in May 2013
   and are working in fields of their choice in NM,
   and Michael, a 2010 college graduate who is on
   an international quest for developing sustainable
   communities.  All three were born at home by
   water-birth.  Janella Moore, the mother of my
children, Naraya Stein and Azlan White have
been my significant life partners to date.
       Jonathan, Sarah & Michael - 2009


My love for architectural form and how it sets the context for or facilitates human activity led me to my earliest business ventures in the field of real estate development.  I also found myself drawn to the medium of film with it's power to entertain, educate, inspire and transform viewers by transporting them through a vast array of multi-dimensional experiences.  As the limitations of my more traditional upbringing became apparent amidst the cultural and political explosion of the 60's, I was spurred on a quest for personal evolution and began to participate in the expanding arena of transformational / personal development workshops and disciplines, eventually facilitating and producing various programs and events.  My diverse career has been a weaving of these threads, each involving collaborative effort and seeking to promote personal awareness and evolution and inspire more heart-centered community inter-action and stewardship.

                              Cross-Country Skiing / Wilderness Yurt Expedition - 2009

Now that my children are mostly living away from home and my child-caring responsibilities are waning, I find myself in a phase of redefining who I am and how I want to express myself in the world.  The process of creating this website has been a great life-review experience and a starting point for visioning this next chapter of my life.  My purpose is to present not only a summary of what I have done but the motivations, values and sensibilities behind my choices.


      Education, Language, Travel, Sports & Other Activities, Youth Employment, Reflections by Friends
      & Family, Astrological & Human Design Charts
      Photos from several trips including Costa Rica, Chama River Rafting, Block Island, Cross-Country
      Skiing and Gila Wilderness Backpacking as well as other
assorted photos - earlier photos have not
      been digitized or were lost in a hard-drive crash

      Location Scout-Manager, Production Manager & Assistant Director Resume & References from 23
      years of feature, television, documentary, commercial, music video, industrial & photography
      experience in Europe and Western USA, particularly
Los Angeles & New Mexico

      A rousing and unconventional "video magazine" highlighting "leading-edge" ideas in art, science,
      business, politics, health & spirituality and featuring exemplary people, inspiring events and the
      unique locations
of New Mexico interwoven through the engaging characters and activity at an
      enchanting cafe. (in development)

Producer / Manager of concerts & theatrical productions, sacred / shamanic community events
      and international multi-media conferences since 1987

      Life Coach & Facilitator for leadership seminars, personal development workshops and
      shamanic & human potential processes since 1981

      Sail-Yacht Captain and Owner / Manager of real estate development projects, a natural foods
      cafe & cabaret, a non-profit organization doing relief work in Kenya & Haiti and an internet flag
      sales business (below)
      A link to my website displaying over 60 delightfully-themed, batik flag set & wall hanging designs,
      beautifully hand-painted in Bali, Indonesia

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